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Below you find older articles from 2011 in chronological order.

Our most recent news can be found on our entrance page: read more >>

Files 'demolish' claim IRA spurned hunger strike deal

31.12.2011 | Brian Rowan, Belfast Telegraph

Some of the secret Government papers published yesterday under the 30-year rule appear to demolish claims that the lives of six of the 1981 hunger strikers could have been saved if the IRA had accepted a British 'deal'.

For years the republican leadership has been locked in a war of words with former prisoner Richard O'Rawe, author of the controversial book Blanketmen. In it he claims that in July 1981 the jail leadership, of which he was a part, accepted a British deal to end the hunger strike, but were overruled by the IRA 'army council' on the outside. Four men, including Bobby Sands, had already died. Six more would follow.

The secret British Cabinet papers dating back to the period shine a light on important telephone contacts over the weekend of July 4-6. read more >>

Christmas Card from Ballymurphy

20.12.2011 |
See also: "Families welcome new inquests into 1971 killings", 16.11.2011: read more >>

40th Anniversary of the McGurk’s Bar Massacre

7.12.2011 | Belfast Media 05/12/11

On December 4, 1971 the UVF bombed McGurk’s Bar in North Queen Street killing 15 Catholics including women and children and wounding 17 more. The bombing was set against the backdrop of one of the most violent and destructive periods of the Troubles. read more >>

End the cruel policy against Basque political prisoners

27 November 2011 |

The group "Egin Dezagun Bideak” calls on organisations and individuals to support the general mobilization in support of the Basque political prisoners on January 7, 2012 in Bilbo (Spanish: Bilbao). You can show your support by signing the manifesto online. read more >>

Families welcome new inquests into 1971 killings

16.11.2011 | GERRY MORIARTY, Northern Editor (Irish Times)

THE BALLYMURPHY families have welcomed a decision by the North’s attorney general John Larkin to order fresh inquests into the killings of 10 people shot dead by British paratroopers in the west Belfast area in 1971.

The families have been pressing for an independent inquiry into the killings by the soldiers which happened just months before the same regiment was involved in Bloody Sunday in Derry which resulted in 14 killings of innocent civilians. read more >>

Geraldine Finucane: 'I felt so angry and insulted. It was cruel'

28.10.2011 | David McKittrick (the Independent)

The widow of one of the most tragic victims of the Troubles tells David McKittrick of her fury with David Cameron

The anger of the widow of the murdered Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane remains undimmed two weeks after she ended a meeting with David Cameron in which he declined to hold a public inquiry into her husband's death. read more >>

27. October 2011: today Ireland will be electing a new president. Martin McGuinness put himself forward as a candidate.

All of Ireland could use what Martin McGuinness gave the North

9.10.2011 | Ronan Bennett (the Guardian)

The success of Sinn Féin's man has presidential rivals invoking the IRA past. But he's long grasped the need for inclusiveness

Martin McGuiness was one of the bogeymen, one of the so-called men of violence. There was a time when there could be no talks with the men of violence. They were killers addicted to killing. Without their guns they were nothing and they knew it, for Sinn Féin was, as the former Conservative secretary of state Patrick Mayhew once taunted them, "a mere 10% party". read more >>

Declaration of ETA

20.10.2011 |

ETA, socialist revolutionary Basque organisation of national liberation, desires through this declaration to announce its decision:

ETA considers that the international conference held recently in the Euskal Herria [Basque Country] is an initiative of great political transcendence. The agreed resolution brings together the ingredients for an integrated solution to the conflict and has the support of large sectors of Basque society and of the international community.

In Euskal Herria, a new political age is opening. We face a historic opportunity to obtain a just and democratic solution to the age-old political conflict. weiterlesen >>

The International Verification Commission sets the basis for the construction of shared solutions.

28.9.2011 | Abertzale Left

To begin with the Abertzale Left would like to applaud the implication and commitment shown by the international community with the formation of the International Verification Commission.

It’s worth emphasizing the technical and impartial profile of the members who make up the Commission. At the same time the Abertzale Left would like to thank the willingness and commitment of the people belonging to the International Verification Commission. weiterlesen >>

Spanish National Court (Audiencia Nacional) rules against Arnaldo Otegi, Rafa Diez, Miren Zabaleta, Arkaitz Rodriquez and Sonia Jacinto

16.09.2011 | Basque Info

The Spanish National Court has sentenced Otegi and Diez (who is on bail) to ten years of prison each, Miren Zabaleta, Arkaitz Rodriquez and Sonia Jacinto to eight years each.

This new judicial attack has to be understood in the current situation as an attack on the ongoing process and as an attempt to put obstacles for its development. This process is unstoppable and this kind of juridical actuation can only be understood as an attempt to slow down its development, trying to weaken the Abertzale Left and introducing juridical affaires on the political arena. read more >>

National Hunger Strike Rally

14. August 2011

Remembering Bobby Sands, Francis Hughes, Patsy O’Hara, Raymond McCreesh, Joe McDonnell, Martin Hurson, Kevin Lynch, Kieran Doherty, Tom McElwee and Mickey Devine

The national hunger strike rally in remembrance of the 30. anniversary of the 1981 hunger strikes took place in Camlough on August 2011. Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams was the main speaker.

Remember Mickey Devine

20.8.2011 |

Today since 1pm across Belfast at white line vigils republicans will be remembering with pride Micky Devine. He was the last of 10 prisoners to die on Hunger Strike campaigning for recognition as political prisoners.

See Mickey’s full story at

Bobby Sands Trust - Mickey Devine

Prisoner's partner starts hunger strike

22.7.2011 | UTV

The partner of a seriously ill Maghaberry prisoner says she will not give up her hunger strike until Brendan Lillis is released.

On Friday, the first day of Roisin Allsopp's protest, the Justice Minister announced he would not allow Mr Lillis out of Maghaberry. The 59-year-old suffers from arthritic condition ankylosing spondylitis and has been on the prison's hospital wing for 600 days.

"I'm not surprised by David Ford's reaction, but from a humanitarian point of view I believe he should've took some stance on this," said Ms Allsopp. "But there's a lot of passing the buck from organisation to organisation." read more >>


13.7.2011 | Troops Out Movement

Martin died on 13th July in 1981 after 40 days on Hunger Strike Aged 24. He was the 6nd of 10 prisoners to die on Hunger Strike campaigning for recognition as political prisoners.

See Martin’s full story at
Bobby Sands Trust - Martin Hurson

The Troops Out Movement is based in England and campaigns for British Withdrawal from Ireland

Sinn Féin has held a series of major conferences to promote the objective of Uniting Ireland. Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams explains the underlying strategy:

Uniting Ireland – Together is better

12.7.2011 | An address by Gerry Adams TD, Dublin (June 18, 2011)

I want to welcome all of you here today.

Ba mhaith liom aitheantas speisialta a thabhairt d’ár gcomhordaitheoir ar Éire Aontaithe, Lucilita Bhreathnach agus an foireann a bhí ag obair leí le roinnt míonna chun an comhdháil seo a chuir le chéile; an comhdháil i gCorcaigh ar an tseachtain seo chugainn agus atá ag eagrú comhdháil i nGaillimh i mí Dheireadh Fómhair agus sa tuaisceart níos moille i mbliana.

These conferences are part of a strategy by Sinn Féin to raise awareness and encourage a national conversation around the goal of a United Ireland and create inclusive platforms for an engagement on this crucially important issue. read more >>

Orange Order march through Ardoyne leads to rioting in Belfast

12.7.2011 |

It has not been the first time, that serious rioting errupts after an Orange Order march has been forced through the irish republican community of Ardoyne in North Belfast. We document an interview with Gerry Kelly (Sinn Féin) from Ardoyne from July 2009:

See also our background information "Orange Orders and their marches":

Trial "Bateragune" – search for peaceful conflict resolution taken to court

July 2, 2011 | Uschi Grandel


Follow the trial in english language on basquepeaceprocess.info: read more >>

End political trials!

„In this trial Spanish politics is in the dock ... for their failure to deal with the Basque Independence Movement in a political and democratic way.“ Rafa Diez, one of the defendants, former trade union secretary of the Basque trade union LAB

FREEDOM for Arnaldo Otegi, Rafa Díez, Sonia Jacinto, Miren Zabaleta, Arkaitz Rodriguez, Mañel Serra, Amaia Esnal and Txelui Moreno

Mayor of Belfast, Niall O'Donnghaile, comments on Short Strand attacks

22.6.2011 | Niall O'Donnghaile, Sinn Féin, Mayor of Belfast, resident of Short Strand

I have lived in the Short Strand for my entire life. It is a proud working class inner city community. I am very proud to come from this area. The people of the Short Strand, in common with those ordinary people who live in the neighbouring unionist communities in the Newtownards Road and Albertbridge Road want to be able to raise their families and live their lives in peace.

For some weeks there have been sporadic instances of anti-social stone throwing across the interface in this area. Local community representatives and politicians have been trying to deal with it with some success. It is important that this good work continues. read more >>

Bildu obtains impressive results in the elections

26.05.2011 | Basque Info

The electoral coalition of Bildu –formed by EA, Alternatiba and independent socialists and pro-independence– has gained excellent results on Sunday in the municipal and provincial elections in Euskal Herria (the Basque Country).

Bildu’s results can be seen as a huge step taken towards a new political scenario in Euskal Herrio. The coalition received 313,000 votes across Euskal Herria and it is now the party with the largest number of councillors across the nation. read more >>

Sinn Féin oppose visit by English Queen

13.5.2011 | Sinn Féin press release

Sinn Féin is opposed to this visit by the queen of England. The party believes it is premature and will cause great offence to many Irish citizens, particularly to those who have lost loved ones at the hands of the British state forces in Ireland. read more >>


12.5.2011 | Troops Out Movement

Francis died on 12th May in 1981 after 59 days on Hunger Strike Aged 25. He was the 2nd of 10 prisoners to die on Hunger Strike campaigning for recognition as political prisoners.

See Francis’ full story at

Bobby Sands Trust - Francis Hughes

The Troops Out Movement is based in England and campaigns for British Withdrawal from Ireland

Analysis: Thirty years on, Bobby Sands's stature has only grown

5.5.2011 | Danny Morrison (for the Guardian)

On this day in 1981, a poet, revolutionary and people's MP died. Those hunger strikes energised Irish republicanism

I last saw Bobby Sands alive in December 1980. He had long greasy hair and a matted beard as a result of the no-wash prisoners' protest. He had spent a third of his 27 years behind bars. At the end of the visit I was banned from the prison. I next saw him in his coffin, after his death exactly 30 years ago, before 100,000 people gathered for his funeral in Belfast. By then he'd spearheaded the hunger strike campaign for political status for IRA prisoners – and in the process gained massive international recognition after being elected an MP.

Belfast, March 1st, 2011:
Launch of the hungerstrike exhibition in commemoration of the ten men who died on hungerstrike for political status in 1981. Background:

Gains reflect 'reconquest' of Ireland, says Adams.

The Irish Times - Monday, February 28, 2011

DEAGLÁN de BRÉADÚN, Political Correspondent

THE GAINS made by Sinn Féin in the general election were part of the process of “reconquest of Ireland by the people of Ireland”, party president Gerry Adams has said. (Foto, SF: SF at a trade union protest against the cuts)

Sinn Féin has substantially increased its number of Dáil seats. The party had five TDs going into the election and at the time of writing this has gone up to 13 with the likelihood of one, and possibly two, more when all the counts are complete. read more >>

Elections in Ireland 2011

Counting is still ongoing, but the main results are already there: read more >>

The truth has been brought home at last

January 30, 2011

39th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday:
the victims’ families and those wounded on Bloody Sunday have said that this Sunday, 30th January 2011, will see the final Bloody Sunday commemoration march take place in Derry. Thousands of people took the route of the original 1972 civil rights march for one last time today. read more >>

ETA declares a permanent, general and internationally verifiable ceasefire

16.01.2011 | Declaration from January 8, 2011

Declaration of ETA in English translation:

With this declaration ETA, the Basque socialist revolutionary organisation for national liberation, wishes to give news of its decision to the Basque Country:

In recent months, from Brussels to Gernika, well known personalities on the world level and many Basque social and political actors, have stressed the need to bring a just and democratic solution to the centuries-old conflict.

ETA agrees.

30. Anniversary of the hunger strike of 1981

We have updated our background site about the hunger strike of Irish Republican prisoners in 1980 and 1981. There are testimonies of former hunger strikers, accounts of eyewitnesses and reports which deal with its political aspects, the meaning for today, for development then and today in Ireland, for international solidarity, current conflicts and for the efforts of solving them. We will update this site throughout 2011 to share the thoughts and the insight of the commemoration events. (Photo: new mural of the 1980 hunger strike, Falls Road, West Belfast)

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