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International: Israeli air raids on the Palestinian city of Gaza - up to now over 300 dead
29. December 2008: Israeli air raids on Gaza with its 1,5 million people continue for the third day. "More and more dead and wunded are registered. This morning (on December 29, 2008) there were 307 dead and over 1000 wunded", says Osama Said Aklouk, chief of the neurosurgery departement of the Shifa hospital in Gaza.
>>>> 28.12.2008, press statement of the German "Friedensratschlag": Stop the Air Raids!

Annual Meeting of Relatives for Justice in Belfast, North of Ireland:
>>>> 18.12.2008: Truth costs nothing coverup costs millions!

European Parliament in Brussels hosts conference on the Spanish-French-Basque conflict:
>>>> 11.11.2008: actions of the police critized, demand on Madrid to start a democratic process

>>>> 02.11.2008: Mary Nelis: Open letter to British Secretary of State Shaun Woodward

40th Anniversary Civil Rights Commemoration
>>>> 05.10.2008, Martin McGuinness: "That march for civil rights continues ..."

>>>> 14.09.2008 BBC Panorama: Omagh bomb calls were monitored

Sinn Féin analysis of Lisbon Treaty rejection: How the campaigns played out
>>>> 19.06.2008: Eoin Ó Broin: We won but the hard work is just beginning

New show trial in the Basque Country:
>>>> 08.06.2008: We say: Lessons from the North of Ireland?
>>>> 21.04.2008: Julen Arzuaga: 33/01 - Case against Gestoras Pro-Amnistia-Askatasuna

Murder of the lawyers Pat Finucane (in 1989) and Rosemary Nelson (in 1999) - evidence points to collusion and the involvement of the British government:
>>>> 16.05.2008: Rosemary Nelson Inquiry: Lawyers were often target of RUC threats
>>>> 01.05.2008: British secretly blocked Finucane inquiry

>>>> 12.04.2008: Irish rebel music: "Irish Brigade" in Kleinostheim: further information

10. Anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement:
>>>> 03.04.2008: Gerry Adams: The Good Friday Agreement - an historic and defining event

Basque Country: International delegation to observe the situation during the Spanish general elections in the Basque Country
>>>> 22.03.2008: Travel report: State of emergency - visiting the Basque Country
>>>> 06.03.2008: Trade Unionists call for a boykott: Not even a minimum of democracy
>>>> 28.02.2008: Jim Gibney (Sinn Fein): Spain could learn lessons from Irish conflict

29.2./1.3.2008, Dublin: Info-Nordirland delegation visits Sinn Féin Ard Fheis (party conference) 2008:
>>>> Full coverage of the Ard Fheis (speeches and motions): see Sinn Féin Ard Fheis website <<<<
>>>> 29.02.2008: Momentous Political Developments - Keynote Speech by Martin McGuinness
>>>> 29.02.2008: Vote No to the Lisbon Treaty - Mary Lou McDonald MEP

Journalist Maik Baumgärtner talks to Uschi Grandel from Info Nordirland about the current situation of the peace process in the North of Ireland, its impact on the life of ordinary people, the Irish Republican Movement and the influence on other conflicts:
>>>> 17.2.2008: Interview on the peace process: Democratical change to all aspects of life

Basque country: party bans and arrest of political activists
>>>> 9.02.2008: Spanish Government bans anti-fascist Basque party once banned under Franco's dictatorship (German language)
>>>> 4.02.2008: Spanish Police arrests further leading members of the Basque Independence Movement
>>>> 02.02.2008: "Hautsitako Leihoa - the broken window" an ordinary day in the Basque Country

Dealing with the conflict in a proper way is an important foundation for a peaceful future:
>>>> 25.01.2008: Mary Nelis: The pain of the past
>>>> 13.01.2008: Mary Nelis: The trouble with war!

Basque country: tens of thousands of Basque people rally in Bilbao against mass process / European Court of Human Rights admits claim against the Spanish government / torture allegations against Spanish police:
>>>> 08.01.2008: a young Basque was taken to hospital with serious signs of torture - AI demands an investigation!