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Peace Process: DUP refuses new compromise although IRA offers decommissioning until end of 2004:
>>>> 15.12.2004 Brian Feeny: "It's impossible to deliver, so let's move on"
>>>> 14.12.2004 Who will save the Doc from himself?
>>>> 14.12.2004 Paisley cuts ties with taoiseach
>>>> 12.12.2004 Blair and Ahern dance to Paisley's tune
>>>> 09.12.2004 One-sidedness will not aid peace

>>>> 29.11.2004 Ulster close to power deal, says Adams
>>>> 08.10.2004 Gerry Adams: Looking to the Future

British Government announces Inquiry into the murder of Pat Finucane - but not without a change to legislation beforehand:
>>>> 24.09.2004 Finucane family skeptical about planned inquiry
>>>> 23.09.2004 Statement from the Finucane family in response to today's statement by Paul Murphy Statement from the Finucane family in response to today's statement by Paul Murphy
>>>> 23.09.2004 British Secretary of State Paul Murphy on the establishment of an Inquiry into the murder of Pat Finucane

>>>> 18.09.2004 End to IRA not enough for DUP

>>>> 16.09.2004 Amnesty International: Public inquiry must be held into Finucane killing Amnesty International: Public inquiry must be held into Finucane killing

>>>> 09.09.2004 UDA gang rams bar with burning digger
>>>> 06.09.2004 Lucky to be alive after UDA attack in North Belfast

Ten years on from the first IRA ceasefire (August 31, 1994):
>>>> 29.08.2004 North reforms in a sorry state 10 years later

>>>> 12.08.2004 15 years fighting for the truth - Geraldine Finucane delivers the PJ McGrory Memorial Lecture

Joe Cahill, livelong republican activist, honory vice-president of Sinn Fein, cofounder of the provisional IRA (after the split in 1969) and for decades member of the leadership of the Belfast IRA dies aged 84:
>>>> 28.07.2004 A giant among giants - BY JIM GIBNEY

On July 12 police and British Army forced march through Ardoyne against ruling of the parades commission:
>>>> 22.07.2004 Interview with Gerry Kelly (SF)

Orange Order marching season:
>>>> 03.07.2004 Drumcree quiet, but dispute continues
>>>> 26.06.2004 Outrage at parade u-turn

>>>> 16.06.2004 Election Analysis: The elephant will not be going away

>>>> 11.06.2004 British cabinet linked to Finucane murder

>>>> 21.05.2004 Getting Away With Murder - From Derry’s Bogside to Basra - a vigil
>>>> 10.05.2004 Danny Morrison: A proud tradition

>>>> 08.05.2004 Acquittal of Colombia 3 appealed
>>>> 26.04.2004 Columbia 3 to come home

IMC publishes first report:
>>>> 26.04.2004 IMC Report: Community response is on the way
>>>> 26.04.2004 Danny Morrison: "IMC's spies and spinners "
>>>> 20.04.2004 Response by Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams to publication of IMC Report
>>>> 20.04.2004 IMC report leads to sanctions, talks cancellation

Report of the Canadian judge Cory published:
>>>> 04.04.2004 Justice for the Finucanes
>>>> 02.04.2004 RUC trained loyalist assassins
>>>> 02.04.2004 Focus on victims of a 30-year dirty war
>>>> 01.04.2004 British government announce three public inquiries

>>>> 29.03.2004 183 loyalist attacks in one year...

Right to vote attacked by new electoral law and its registration procedures:
>>>> 29.03.2004 Vote decline continues
>>>> 05.03.2004 Derry Journal: "Biggest Gerrymander Since Partition"
>>>> 05.03.2004 Andersonstown News (Spring 2003): "Stick your vote up your XXXX "

>>>> 20.02.2004 North Belfast News Editorial: "Community rising from the ashes"
>>>> 20.02.2004 North Belfast News on the suicides in Ardoyne
Collusion - the truth has to be told about state sponsored murder:
>>>> 06.02.2004 Sinn Féin Supports Families In Collusion Campaign
>>>> 04.02.2004 Canadian judge Cory hailed in U.K. for defying Blair

>>>> 28.01.2004 Charges dropped against pair in North spy case

Police ombudsman's report on the murder of Sean Brown in 1997:
>>>> 25.01.2004 Who is going to police the secret armies in the North?
>>>> 20.01.2004 RUC made no effort to find loyalist murderers
>>>> 18.01.2004 He was just another catholic
>>>> 21.01.2004 UDA violence greeted with loud silence
>>>> 15.01.2004 Key note speech by Gerry Adams
>>>> 09.01.2004 Interview mit Gerry Adams

>>>> 10.01.2004 Rassistischer Feldzug der loyalistischen Gangs