News - Archive 2006

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>>>> 29.12.2006: Sinn Féin to hold Ard Fheis (party conference) on policing
>>>> 25.11.2006: Stone charged with Adams murder bid / Debate on power sharing continues
>>>> 24.11.2006: Gerry Adams nominates Martin McGuinness for power sharing government
>>>> 16.11.2006: British Legislation lifts agreement deadline / Gerry Adams - Process is moving in the right direction
>>>> 10.11.2006: Governments to move St Andrews process forward
>>>> 10.10.2006: Sinn Féin - Determined to make Progress

Dissidents in the republican movement - analysis by Danny Morrison:
>>>> 10.09.2006: When One Doesn't Mind Being Called A Provo

Learning from the conflict in Ireland?
>>>> 06.09.2006: Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams peace mission in Palestine and Israel

7. September 2006 - Updates on the peace process - intensive negotiations ahead to restore assembly - deadline 24. November:
>>>> 06.09.2006: Hain confirms "intensive" talks conference
>>>> 06.09.2006: Equality is the guarantee for all
>>>> 06.09.2006: DUP must explain party link to right wing neo nazi group
>>>> 04.09.2006: ‘Nazis’ coming for parade
>>>> 06.09.2006: IMC Report - IRA have delivered on commitments

Account of a journey, August 2006 (at the moment only in German language - translation to English language follows during September):
>>>> 25.08.2006 County Tyrone, Cappagh/Galbally, 13. -16. July 2006: "The whole district pays tribute to Martin Hurson"

Political Prisoners and injustice - human rights violations in Ireland South and North:
>>>> 24.08.2006 Injustice must always be opposed and exposed
>>>> 13.08.2006: Campaign for release of Michael McKevitt grows

Just before the first anniversary of the historic IRA statement ending its armed campaign the British and Irish government publicly state: "there is not any organised ‘from-the-centre’ criminality of the IRA"
>>>> 26.07.2006 Criminality excuse finally laid to rest
>>>> 28.07.2006: Opportunity opened up can still be grasped / Unionists still refuse to have open minds
Orange Orders - marching season:
>>>> 29.06.2006 Because it's traditional it doesn't make it right
>>>> 23.06.2006 Timely reminder to second-class nationalists
>>>> 14.06.2006 North Belfast: Historic agreement reached on Orange parade

Wolfe Tone was one of the founders of the United Irishmen in 1791. Embracing the principles of the French Revolution he was a free-thinker in matters religious and a republican in politics.
>>>> 19.06.2006: Sinn Féin MLA Gerry Kelly delivers the main address at the annual commemoration in Bodenstown
Cannes Film Festival - May 2006:
>>>> 30.06.2006: Palme d'Or for Ken Loach film "The Wind That Shakes the Barley"
>>>> 01.06.2006: Ken Loach - Critics had been movitated by a "deep-seated imperialist guilt"
15-year old Michael McIlveen died after sectarian loyalist attack in Ballymena:
>>>> 19.05.2006: Ballymena ethos fuels sectarianism
>>>> 14.05.2006: Where peace has made no progress
>>>> 09.05.2006: Laughter of our children?

New talks in the Irish peace process from Mai 15, 2006 to reestablish power sharing government in the North:
>>>> 10.05.2006: Gerry Adams: "Sinn Féin approach to Assembly"
>>>> 12.05.2006: Overview on the positions of the different parties
5. Mai 1981: 25 years ago Bobby Sands died on hunger strike
>>>> 05.05.2006: Ubuntu - Robert McBride (ANC) gives the annual Bobby Sands lecture in Belfast
>>>> 04.05.2006: Former Hunger Striker Laurence McKeown's story
>>>> 05.05.2006: And 25 years later ...
>>>> 04.05.2006: Remember them with pride, work for their ideals
>>>> 05.05.2006: semi autobiographical article (smuggled 1981 out from the H-Blocks): "THE REVOLUTIONARY SPIRIT OF FREEDOM "
New talks in the Irish peace process from Mai 15, 2006 to reestablish power sharing government in the North:
>>>> 30.04.2006: Monitoring report turns up heat on unionist leaders

Ireland commemorates Easter Rising of 1916 against British colonial power:
>>>> 24.04.2006: Gerry Adams calls for a national coalition for Irish unity
>>>> 12.04.2006: 1916 and all that...
>>>> 17.04.2006: Ahern pledges to work for peace and reconciliation

>>>> 07.04.2006: Press statement on behalf of the Donaldson family
>>>> 05.04.2006: Who killed Denis Donaldson?
>>>> 05.04.2006: Death of Denis Donaldson: Killers are hostile to peace process

>>>> 23.03.2006: Basque ceasefire: Welcome in Ireland for ETA move

17 years ago the lawyer Pat Finucane was murdered:
>>>> 08.03.2006: Irish Parliament Dáil demands inquiry for Finucane
>>>> 15.02.2006: Establishment be warned – the truth will out

>>>> 03.03.2006: Comparable collusion in South Africa and Tyrone
>>>> 02.03.2006: Gerry Adams backs father of UVF victim

New talks in the Irish peace process:
>>>> 05.02.2006: Disband the IMC - Sinn Fein
>>>> 05.02.2006: Lies and Propaganda
>>>> 25.01.2006: Brian Feeny: Outcome of IMC report is very predictable

Light is shed into police/secret services role in collapsing institutions in the North of Ireland in 2002:
>>>> 11.01.2006: Vincent Browne (Irish Times): "The dog ate my homework"