News - Archive 2000

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On the case of Peter McBride:

1.12.2000 888  German contribution to the International Peter McBride day of protest (d)

1.12.2000 888  Brief introduction to the case of Peter Mc Bride September 1992-October 2000

German delegation visits the North of Ireland in September 2000:

12.11.2000 888  Personal reports and introduction to visited organisations

11.10.2000 888 „Truth would be welcome in British armoury“ - on  the failure of the British Army to demilitarize

27.8.2000 888  A comment on loyalist feud (d)

26.8.2000 888  Funerals and Fear

A step in implementing the Good Friday Agreement - Political prisoners released

29.07.2000 888 Celebration and pain in walk to freedom

29.07.2000 888 Unbroken, but ready to work for the future

29.07.2000 888 Lock the door and throw away the key – Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams on Long Kesh

The British Government’s Police Bill  is no first step to a new beginning in policing:

10.07.2000 888  Als wollte der Ku-Klux-Klan durch Harlem marschieren

                               Interview der FR mit Gerry Kelly, Abgeordneter der NI-Assembly fuer Sinn Fein (d)

11.06.2000 888 What a travesty - Police Bill is just a parady of Patten

                               Prof. Brendan O’Leary in the Sunday Business Post

22.05.2000 888  Pat Finucane Centre on the new Police Bill proposals

06.5.2000 - Breakthrough in the peace process:

888  Move of Irish and British Government to restore institutions on May 22nd                    

888  Letter of the two Governments

888  Statement of the IRA

15.4.2000 888 comment: demilitarisation: the responsibility of the British government (d)

15.4.2000 888 Open letter on British Army activities in the North of Ireland

15.4.2000 888 Enough time to revive the agreement? Interview with Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams

02.4.2000 888  Join our delegation to the North of Ireland in September 2000 (d)

18.2.2000 888  Joint Statement from the German / Ireland Solidarity Movement

                             On the Current Crisis in the North of Ireland

17.2.2000 888  Hintergründe der Krise des Friedensprozesses (d)

10.2.2000 888 press release:

                             British government bad faith threatens peace process

03.2.2000 888  Mandelson's mad showdown with IRA