News - Archive 2005

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>>>> 28.12.2005: Open letter to Tony Blair
>>>> 17.12.2005: Expelled member of Sinn Féin was British spy - British role in collapsing Executive exposed
>>>> 09.12.2005: Irish Taoiseach Bertie Ahern: Spy case 'a lot of grief for no prosecutions'
>>>> 09.12.2005: 'Spy' trio held 'to save Trimble'

>>>> 04.12.2005 Political rows surround ‘on-the-runs’ legislation
>>>> 03.12.2005 Come forward, state offenders are urged by victims’ group

Delegation to the West Belfast Festival 2005:
>>>> Report on the journey from Brigitte and Uschi

>>>> 19.11.2005: British Army and the UDA - collusion cover up
>>>> 31.10.2005 LVF stood down

South African secret services minister Ronnie Kasrils visits Ireland to participate in the 100. birthday celebrations of Sinn Fein:
>>>> 25.10.2005 Jarlath Kearney interviews Ronnie Kasrils: "One’s got to create here (North of Ireland) a new state apparatus"

Gerry Adams visits South Africa from 18.-21. October 2005:
>>>> Overview: ANC and SF - report on the journey and the long cooperation
>>>> 28.10.2005 Richard McAuley: "Solidarity and support - Gerry Adams in South Africa "
>>>> 21.10.2005 Gerry Adams addresses the South African Parliament: "Working with Unionists"
>>>> 20.10.2005 Gerry Adams to the ANC: "What we want in Ireland is what you have achieved in South Africa."

Fógraí Báis (Obituary): Brian Campbell 1960 - 2005
""He was a poet, writer, playwright, IRA Volunteer, political prisoner, political activist, friend, partner, husband, father, and valued member of the community. We will miss you a chara but we are richer because you were with us for a time.""
>>>> 14.10.2005 Laurence McKeown: "Fógraí Báis (Obituary): Brian Campbell 1960 - 2005"

IRA delivers on it's promises:
>>>> 06.10.2005 Jim Gibney: IRA initiative strengthens peace process
>>>> 26.09.2005 Gerry Adams: a very positive response to my appeal to the IRA
>>>> 26.09.2005 BBC: IRA 'has destroyed all its arms'
>>>> 25.09.2005 IRA will dump arms soon - Gerry Adams
>>>> 24.09.2005 Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams: Sinn Féin seek progress in time ahead

Unionist (pro-british) paramilitary violence escalates:
>>>> 15.9.2005 Martin McGuinness: "Unionists must sit down with Sinn Féin!"
>>>> 15.9.2005 A victim of the ongoing loyalist violence speaks out
>>>> 23.8.2005 Anne Cadwallader: What can we do to end sectarianism?
>>>> 22.8.2005 Once again Short Strand under severe attack
>>>> 18.8.2005 Sinn Féin launch dossier on unionist paramilitary activity

Columbia Three:
>>>> 08.08.2005 "Columbia Three" must stay!
>>>> 05.08.2005 "Columbia Three" return to Ireland

IRA ends armed campaign:
>>>> 28.07.2005 statement of the IRA
>>>> 28.07.2005 Comment from Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams
>>>> 29.07.2005 Reactions from other parties
>>>> 27.07.2005 Unionist (pro-British) paramilitaries: “Armed and dangerous”

Orange Orders - marching season:
>>>> 24.06.2005 Squinter: "A court case would be over in five minutes"
>>>> 24.06.2005 Attempting to reassert the Orange state
>>>> 24.06.2005 Kelly arrest a blatant act of provocation
>>>> 18.06.2005 March Madness
>>>> 18.06.2005 Lodges 'delighted' after commission climbdown
>>>> 24.05.2005 Hardline triumphalism bodes ill for the streets

>>>> 28.05.2005 Who will address nationalist fears?
>>>> 26.05.2005 DUP's unionist domination will not happen
>>>> 23.05.2005 Gerry Adams: Only way forward is through the Good Friday Agreement
>>>> 12.05.2005 Andytown News: Is that your best shot?
>>>> 10.05.2005 Susan McKay: Unionism is to blame for jigging David's fall

>>>> 26.04.2005 IRA has authorised discussion on initiative of Gerry Adams

British Government rushes Inquiry Bill through parliament:
>>>> 14.04.2005 Geraldine Finucane has asked all Senior Judges in England, Scotland and Wales not to accept appointment to an Inquiries Act Inquiry into the murder of her husband
>>>> 08.04.2005 Designed to succeed
>>>> 06.04.2005 Gerry Adams - an address to the IRA

Murder of Robert McCartney:
>>>> 19.03.2005 Locally, sympathy is turning to anger
>>>> 15.03.2005 PSNI accused of playing politics

>>>> 11.03.2005 Jim Gibney: "It's wrong to play down IRA peace offer" (e)

The campaign of the McCartney sisters zu get justice for their murdered brother is used by some to pressurize Sinn Féin into accepting the PSNI. Fairy-tales about how the murder is thought to have taken place demonize the whole community of Short Strand. Below you find articles on the mood in Short Strand, a detailed description of the course of events as investigated by the IRA, and a look at new allegations against the PSNI in a different case. These allegations might help to get a feeling for the unease with which witnesses in the McCartney murder approach the police:
>>>> 11.03.2005 Severe allegations against the police departement "Special Branch" by a former high ranking RUC officer
>>>> 09.03.2005 McCartney's response to the IRA Statement
>>>> 09.03.2005 Second statement of the IRA on the murder of Robert McCartney
>>>> 07.03.2005 On the ground in Short Strand

From Sinn Féin Ard Fheis (March 4-6, 2005 in Dublin):
>>>> 11.03.2005 Sinn Féin 2005
>>>> 06.03.2005 Gerry Kelly opens session on Policing
>>>> 05.03.2005 Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP's Presidential Address

>>>> 26.02.2005 The killing of Robert McCartney: IRA Statement / Gerry Adams meets McCartney family

>>>> 25.02.2005 An onslaught like no other - democracy and civil rights endangered
>>>> 23.02.2005 Danny Morrison: "Bolstering the SDLP"
>>>> 22.02.2005 Intelligence gap
>>>> 22.02.2005 Fact and Fiction - role of the media in the current crisis
>>>> 21.02.2005 Sinn Féin rejects McDowell's IRA claim
>>>> 20.02.2005 Editorial Daily Ireland: House of cards collapsing as SF member is released
>>>> 20.02.2005 Open Season
>>>> 16.02.2005 Jim Gibney: The shipyard and silence replaced
>>>> 09.02.2005 Open letter of the Irish American Unity in Action Committee

>>>> 10.02.2005 Danny Morrison: The Issue of Apologising

Crisis in the peace process: the aim behind criminalizing and demonizing the IRA is trying to undermine the Irish-Republican party Sinn Féin and their election success in Ireland North and South:
>>>> 07.02.2005 Sinn Féin opposed to return to conflict
>>>> 02.02.2005 IRA offer withdrawn
>>>> 30.01.2005 Martin McGuinness: High Intensity Politics
>>>> 28.01.2005 Jim Gibney: Criminalisation revisited

PSNI Chief Constable accusations throws peace process into crisis:
>>>> 24.1.2005 Spooks, Robbers and Dirty Tricks - by Martin McGuinness
>>>> 14.1.2005 Intelligence, opinions and illusions - an analysis by Laura Friel
>>>> 14.1.2005 Killing the process
>>>> 10.1.2005 Comment on the bank heist in Belfast and the political consequences
>>>> 10.1.2005 McGuinness: Sinn Féin will not allow mandate to be set aside