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News - Archive 2002

part of the news is only available in German language (d)
translations always link to the original document

28.12.2002 CLICK Two killed in bloody loyalist Chrismas:
pro-unionist (loyalist) UDA engaged in sectarian killings of Catholics and a bloody internal feud

23.12.2002 CLICK 'spy-ring' accused Ciaran Kearney and Denis Donaldson released on bail
09.12.2002 CLICK Veteran Civil Rights Campaigner Oliver Kearney Fights for Bail for his Son
09.12.2002 CLICK Mitchel McLaughlin, Sinn Féin: "Has Unionism really changed?"

25.11.2002 CLICK International jurists: Truth Inquiry for the New Lodge Six
25.11.2002 CLICK Community Hearing: Six murdered say international jurists

15.11.2002 CLICK PSNI accused of double standards
08.11.2002 CLICK Analysis: The problem with republicans
06.11.2002 CLICK Brian Feeny: "Despicable tactics from McGimpsey"

31.10.2002 CLICK The Andersontown News on the new British Secretary of State, Paul Murphy
29.10.2002 CLICK Gerry Adams: "No acceptable level of loyalist violence"
24.10.2002 CLICK Unionists, loyalists plan strategy as loyalist violence escalates
24.10.2002 CLICK Laura Friel: Returning to Holy Cross

Severe crisis of the peace process after suspension of the institutions:
30.10.2002 CLICK Flash: IRA suspends contact with arms decommissioning body
26.10.2002 CLICK Gerry Adams response to the speech of Tony Blair
19.10.2002 CLICK What needs to be done - an overview on the implementation of the Good Friday Agreement
19.10.2002 CLICK IRA reject 'unrealistic demands'
18.10.2002 CLICK Analysis by Jim Gibney: Republicans willing to compromise, not surrender
17.10.2002 CLICK Sinn Fein's response to the speech of Tony Blair

13.10.2002 CLICK Flash: Institutions to be suspended from midnight Monday
10.10.2002 CLICK Andersontown News: Stormont raid could not have been done better, Mr Orde
10.10.2002 CLICK O'Loan papers taken in raid - Kearney at centre of Police Ombudsman talks
08.10.2002 CLICK Trimble sets new deadline for Sinn Féin expulsion
06.10.2002 CLICK Irish Government to quiz British on Sinn Fein raids in North
29.09.2002 CLICK Brian Feeny's analysis on the renewed threat of Unionists to quit the joint government
29.09.2002 CLICK Unionists threaten to quit the joint government - report and analysis by the Irish Times (e)

05.9.2002 CLICK A triangle of light - by Laura Friel (e)
05.9.2002 CLICK McGuinness lashes out at unionism
05.9.2002 CLICK Short Strand Diary - One Short Strand mother’s record of events
29.8.2002 CLICK Inside (loyalist) Cluan Place

13.7.2002 CLICK RUC attack peaceful protest
27.6.2002 CLICK Alex Maskey, first Sinn Fein Mayor in Belfast has defined the most important task of his year of office to build common ground between the two traditions. That's the reason why he decided to take part in the Somme commemoration on July 1st.
14.6.2002 CLICK Relatives for Justice: "International Intervention necessary"
14.6.2002 CLICK Guardian: "Collusion 'at heart' of Finucane killing "

03.6.2002 CLICK 150 flee homes as enclave is attacked by loyalists
16.5.2002 CLICK RUC/PSNI brutality in East Belfast
17.5.2002 CLICK a week of terror for the residents of Short Strand
28.4.2002 CLICK Police in N Ireland 'sabotage' peace deal
27.4.2002 CLICK Round up the usual suspects!
23.4.2002 CLICK Analysis: If you are going to tell a lie tell a big one
21.4.2002 CLICK BBC: IRA says ceasefire intact!
17.4.2002 CLICK PFC Comment on the result of the Mc Bride judicial review
15.4.2002 CLICK Important Press Release: Judgement expected in McBride Judicial Review
10.4.2002 CLICK Brian Feeny (Irish News): "Assumptions on threats to state flawed"
05.4.2002 CLICK Report: 'Substantial' Amount of IRA Arms Put beyond Use
02.4.2002 CLICK Statement of the IRA on its second initiative to put arms beyond use
05.4.2002 CLICK : Kelly calls on Blair to intervene to end dirty tricks campaign
01.4.2002 CLICK : Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams: "Republicans will not take the blame
for a raid on Castlereagh police station "
30.3.2002 CLICK : Pat Finucane Centre:
"RUC/PSNI raids in astonishing connection with the March 17 break-in in Castlereagh"

20.3.2002 CLICK : British Army Helicopter Crash in South Armagh -
militarization and harrassment of the whole region

19.3.2002 CLICK : Neue Züricher Zeitung: "Mysteriöser Einbruch in Belfast - Geheimdienste unter Verdacht" (d)
19.3.2002 CLICK : Pat Finucane Center on " Special Branch Break-In "
Film Bloody Sunday wins Golden Bear award at Berlin Film festival 'Berlinade 2002': have a look at the film review from 22. January 2002
30. Anniversary of Bloody Sunday – 1972 the British Army regiment Parachute murdered 14 participants of a rally in Derry – in an inquiry shortly after Lord Widgery declared the victims to terrorists to white-wash the British Army – 1998 a public inquiry is launched after decades of campagning of the families - 40000 assemble on 3.2.2002 in Derry and demand the truth to be told

03.02.2002 CLICK : Main speaker Gerry Kelly on the importance of Bloody Sunday
30.01.2002 CLICK : Irlands tiefste Wunde - FR-Korrespondent Peter Nonnenmacher berichtet aus Derry (d)
22.01.2002 CLICK : Film review: Bloody Sunday
24.01.2002 CLICK : Andersontown News: "Squinter: Sorry, what was that again? "
Scandal about RUC handling of Omagh bombing: in addition to the Ombudswoman's report on ignoring warnings previous to the bombing an internal police investigation showed that hundreds of investigation files has been fabricated by the RUC:

19.01.2002 CLICK The Guardian: "Police fabricated 375 files of Omagh investigation"(e)
19.01.2002 CLICK BBC-Interview with Sinn Fein's President Gerry Adams: " Anger about the way
the British Government is handling the loyalist killing campaign"
19.01.2002 CLICK Mass Protest 'End Sectarianism Now!'
18.01.2002 CLICK Northern Ireland Police Force RUC/PSNI - "sectarian, inefficient or both? " (e)
15.01.2002 CLICK Journalist Brian Feeny in the Irish News:
"Dealing with the UDA is responsibility of Northern Ireland Secretary of State Reid" (e)
14.01.2002 CLICK Action demanded after brutal murder
13.01.2002 CLICK Sunday Business Post: "Belfast boiles over" (e)
10.01.2002 CLICK Violence against Holy Cross School-goers "worse than ever"
09.01.2002 CLICK Again: Holy Cross parents attacked, school blockaded
06.01.2002 CLICK Former RUC officer: "Special branch muddied probe"
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