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>>>> 13.12.2007: ECHR admits claim of the Basque party Batasuna against the Spanish government
>>>> 02.12.2007: 547 years in prison instead of freedom of speech - background to the conflict

The European Court of Human Rights gave judgment in favour of the families of eight men, who sued the British Government because of the involvment of members of the (British) security force in systematic targetting of innocent civilians in the North of Ireland:
>>>> 27./28.11.2007: Press Releases on behalf of the families and their laywers <<<<

Debate on decommissioning of UDA weapons of pro-british terror group UDA:
>>>> 15.11.2007: Brian Feeny: Latest stunt will not make UDA disappear
>>>> 13.10.2007: Loyalist mob sets up two catholics and almost kills them while police don't intervene

>>>> 01.11.2007: Gerry Adams: "Exploring different routes to peace"

Interview with Irish peace facilitator Alec Reid about the Spanish-Basque conflict after mass arrests of Batasuna leadership people in Segura
>>>> 07.10.2007: Alec Reid: "No one can call Spain a democratic state"
Debate on decommissioning of UDA weapons accompanied by UDA death threats against journalists and Sinn Féin members:
>>>> 02.10.2007: Sinn Féin leaders threatened
>>>> 28.09.2007: NUJ condemns death threat against Belfast editor

Iraq Delegation meets Representatives of Irish and South African Peace Process:
>>>> 10.09.2007: Hope for the Future and No Trust in Governments
>>>> 18.09.2007: Press Release, Pat Finucane Centre: "Belfast mother appeals to Iraqi Government"

>>>> 12.08.2007: Belfast: March for Truth - Thousands unite in call for truth

The British Army ended "Operation Banner", their decades long war campaign in the North of Ireland on July 31, 2007:
>>>> 10.08.2007: Withdrawal? What withdrawal?

>>>> 13.07.2007: A story that bears repeating
>>>> 09.07.2007: British Army Learn Nothing !

>>>> 02.07.2007: British state closes ranks to protect Finucane killers
>>>> 25.06.2007: Last British troops pull out of South Armagh
The German newspaper Handelsblatt is organizing a conference on "Security Policy and the Defence Industry" in Berlin on 3./4. July 2007. The North of Ireland is one of the topics.
01.07.2007: Our comment on a conference who chooses to invite a speaker, who is an apologist for murder and doesn't respect UN embargos (German language only): Human Rights - not worth talking about! <<<<
29.06.2007: Action Alert of the Pat Finucane Centre (PFC): Protest the invitation to Tim Spicer to participate in the 4th Handelsblatt conference!

>>>> 17.06.2007: Robert Fisk: A cry for justice from a good man who expected us to protect his son
>>>> 16.06.2007: Robert Fisk:Welcome to 'Palestine'
>>>> 03.06.2007: British Army in the North of Ireland: Still at war?
Irish Elections 2007:
>>>> 27.05.2007: Gerry Adams: "Sinn Féin will learn lessons and build for the future"
>>>> 27.05.2007: Election counts conclude / Results

Agreement in the peace process opens up new era of politics in the North of Ireland:
>>>> 10.05.2007: Face of Ireland changed in just 16 minutes
>>>> 08.05.2007: Declaration from the German Ireland Solidarity Groups on power sharing: an important step in the long process of conflict resolution
>>>> 07.05.2007: 'Difficult journey' to move forward
>>>> 26.03.2007: Democratic Unionist Party leader Ian Paisley and Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams joint press conference - full text of the speeches
>>>> 26.03.2007: Paisley & Adams agree deal
>>>> 25.03.2007: Devolution restored pending agreement
>>>> 03.05.2007: UVF Statement: "Weapons out of reach and civilianised role in society" / first reactions and comments
>>>> 22.04.2007: UVF spy ring had dossiers on 116 people
Shell to Sea Campaign against Shell and Statoil in Mayo, West of Ireland:
>>>> 26.04.2007: Shell to Sea Campaign against Shell and Statoil wins Environment Price (e)
>>>> 18.3.2007: A straight choice between the peace process and barbarity
Assembly Elections in the North of Ireland:
>>>> 17.3.2007: Ronan Bennett: In a British fairyland
>>>> 15.3.2007: Mitchel McLaughlin: Decision of Electorate must be respected
>>>> 12.3.2007: Our comment: Voters demand power sharing (German language only)
>>>> 09.3.2007: Assembly Election 2007 - final results

>>>> 22.2.2007: Castlederg - Ombudman to explain complaints procedures available against PSNI officers <<<<
>>>> 22.2.2007: Torture in police holding centres and Diplock courts - "a distinct feeling of unease"

On February, 12 eighteen years ago, Pat Finucane was murdered:
>>>> 12.02.2007: John Finucane: Collusion led to my father's death. I owe it to him to find out the truth

Special Sinn Féin Ard Fheis on "Policing and Justice" on January 28, 2007 in Dublin:
>>>> 4.2.2007: Sea change in Northern politics
Voices from the Ard Fheis:
>>>> Martin McGuinness proposing the Ard Chomhairle motion at the Extraordinary Ard Fheis
>>>> Laurence McKeown: Policing debate another historic milestone in evolution of republican strategy
Further coverage, speeches and videos on >>>> Sinn Féin website <<<<

Operation Ballast: Police Ombudsman Nuala O'Loan publishes report on 22. January 2007
"... Senior RUC officers are understood to have been implicated in the biggest-ever policing scandal to hit Northern Ireland. With the Government braced for an uproar over how a state agency allowed a terrorist unit to kill Catholics and Protestants, files have been sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions ... (PA, 21. Jan 2007)
>>>> 22.01.2007: Public Statement of the Police Ombudsman
>>>> 21.01.2007: Police was running UVF gang
>>>> 19.01.2007: The victims - Over ten years left nineteen people dead - Police gave licence to kill
>>>> 19.01.2007: Marc Thompson (Relatives for Justice): Don't stop on the bottom rung of collusion ladder

Intensive negotiations ahead to restore assembly:
>>>> 10.01.2007: DUP's creative ambiguity has limited lifespan
>>>> 02.01.2007: Gerry Adams explains Irish-Republican strategy: Sinn Féin wants to achieve maximum change