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News - Archive 2001

part of the news is only available in German language (d)
translations always link to the original document

On the police ombudswoman's severe criticism against the "Special Branch" Unit of the Northern Ireland police force RUC (now PSNI) and the murder of William Stobie:

13.12.2001 CLICK Andersontown News: "WE SAY: A vital choice to make"
12.12.2001 CLICK an analysis by Jim Gibney (Sinn Fein) : "Surprise? What Surprise?"
12.12.2001 CLICK Amnesty International demands an independent inquiry into the murder of William Stobie
12.12.2001 CLICK Report of the Ombudswoman on Omagh: Victims stunned and Chief Constable defiant
10.12.2001 CLICK Frankfurter Rundschau: Northern Irelands Chief Constable in Difficulties (d)
29.11.2001 CLICK Bloody Sunday Inquiry in Derry: two eyewitnesses tell their story
29.11.2001 CLICK Collusion: was Journalist Martin O'Hagan murdered, because he was going to unveil facts
on the cooperation between the Northern Ireland police force and loyalist deathsquads?
(see also below, 1.10.2001)

Still no end to the brutal violence against school girls from Holy Cross School in Ardoyne in North Belfast:

19.11.2001 CLICK Mother sues British Secretary of State and RUC for the failure to protect the children -
a first success: judicial review is granted by the Belfast High Court
19.11.2001 CLICK One mother describes the abuse which her daughter had and still has to endure
06.11.2001 CLICK Anti-Agreement anger as Trimble is finally elected
05.11.2001 CLICK Andersontown News: Slán (Bye) to the RUC (Royal Ulster Constabulary)
05.11.2001 CLICK Danny Morrison in Andersontown News: "The core of the problem"
- on unionist difficulties with accepting equality

01.11.2001 CLICK Holy Cross - 9 weeks and school girls are still terrorized on their way to school
23.10.2001 CLICK Flash: IRA announces it has disposed of arms
22.10.2001 CLICK Gerry Adams: Looking to the future - how to solve the crisis in the peace process
04.10.2001 CLICK Andersontown News: "Hypocrisy grows by the day" (e)
Journalist Martin O'Hagan murdered by pro-british "loyalist" death squads

01.10.2001 CLICK FR: "Murder of journalist scares Ulster" (d)
01.10.2001 CLICK taz: "Murder in Northern Ireland" (d)
01.10.2001 CLICK Andersontown News: "Hierarchy of dead" (e)
30.09.2001 CLICK Commemoration by Anne Cadwallader in Ireland On Sunday: "Shining light on the dark corners"
CLICK Pogroms against catholics with increasing loyalist violence (eyewitness report, 27.9.2001)

On the ongoing loyalist violence against school girls in Ardoyne (North Belfast):
17.9.2001 CLICK Irish News: Gerry Kelly - These children are not barter
12.9.2001 CLICK Explaining Ardoyne
09.9.2001 CLICK Our comment: Need for the truth
06.9.2001 CLICK Belfast Lectures (d)
03.9.2001 CLICK Children terrorized in corridor of hate
26.8.2001 CLICK British are holding up official irish probe into Dublin-Monaghan-massacre
of 1974, probe strongly hints to British advice for loyalist killers
25.8.2001 CLICK RUC pays 100,000 settlement to Catholic to avoid court 20.8.2001 CLICK Danny Morrison  FARC-ical episode
18.8.2001 CLICK Frankfurter Rundschau  - Vorwurf gegen nordirische Polizei (d)
15.8.2001 CLICK Frankfurter Rundschau - Verfahrene Situation (d)
01.7.2001 CLICK Danny Morrison on the resignation of UUP leader David Trimble
as first minister of the Northern Ireland Assembly

28.6.2001 CLICK Irish News: Gerry Adams - it is time to make politics work
Report on the ongoing loyalist violence in Ardoyne (North Belfast):

28.6.2001 CLICK Not to be seen nor heard
Frankfurter Rundschau on the case of Peter McBride:

17.5.2001 CLICK Verurteilte Mörder dürfen der britischen Rheinarmee dienen (d)
Features and analysis on ongoing loyalist terror by Laura Friel in An Phoblacht / Republican News :

1.05.2001 CLICK Feature: One woman's story
1.05.2001 CLICK Analysis: Yaba daba doo, Any excuse will do
14.4.2001 CLICK Feature: Freedom from sectarian harassment
08.4.2001 CLICK After a decade at last Belfast judge ruled that right for fair trial was violated
13.1.2001 CLICK Crisis of the peace process - review of 2000
On the case of Peter McBride:

4.01.2001 CLICK German government launch McBride probe
1.12.2000 CLICK International day of protest in support of the Justice for Peter McBride Campaign (d)
1.12.2000 CLICK Brief introduction to the case of Peter Mc Bride September 1992-October 2000
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