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Basque Country - Euskal Herria: Articles, reports and comments

Recent articles on the Basque Country in chronological order. Older articles can be found in the annual archives: access archives >>

ETA reaffirms their commitment to the process and announces steps on the path to resolution

10. February 2014 | basquepeaceprocess.info

On Saturday, February 8th, the Basque armed organization ETA (Euskadi Ta Askatasuna, Basque Country and Freedom) made public a communiqué in which they positively assessed the latest political events in the Basque Country. Along with that they announced the adoption of a series of commitments on the path towards the resolution of the conflict.

Political trials against Basque political activists

17. October 2013 | basquepeaceprocess.info

Two trials against 76 Basque political activists have begun this week in Madrid.

In the 26/11 summary which begins October 14th, 40 Basque youths will be tried for their political activity in the youth organization SEGI. 34 of these young people were arrested in a large raid in 2009. Many of those arrested in that raid denounced having suffered torture during the 5 days that they were held in isolation. A great part of the accusations against them are based on testimony received then.

In the 35/02 summary, which begins October 17th, 36 well-known Abertzale activists are going to be tried who, in the majority of the cases, have held at certain times elected offices in different institutions. Others have carried out public political activities in legal political parties. Together with them 110 cultural associations (Herriko Tabernas) throughout the Basque Country are accused of civil responsibility so that those responsible also have to declare in this trial. read more >>

On the path to peace respect prisoners´ rights

25.March 2013 | International Declaration on the Basque Country

Twelf international known human rights experts from different countries demand from Spain and France "new steps to go on towards a political solution to the conflict". Piedad Esneda Cordoba Ruiz from Colombia, Bill Bowring from Great Britain, Nelly Maes from Flanders, Nora Morales de Cortiñas from Argentina, Essa Mossa from South Afrika, George Mavrikos from Greece, Michael Tubiana from Algeria, Alexander Moumbaris from Egypt, Padre Alberto Franco from Colombia, Javier Giraldo Moreno from Colombia, Peter Madden from Ireland

Streets of Bilbao too small

17.1.2013 | basquepeaceprocess.info

More than one hundred thousand people filled the streets of Bilbao this past Saturday to demand “Human Rights, Solution, Peace. Basque prisoners to the Basque Country”.

Thousands and thousands of anonymous people coming from all parts of the Basque Country, but also from different parts of the state and different parts of the world demanded in Bilbao the end of the penitentiary policy that the Spanish and French states apply to Basque political prisoners. read more >>

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can be found in chronological order in our annual archives:

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Abertzale: The meaning of Abertzale is strongly associated with a particular uderstanding of Basque nationalism as a progresist and internationalist movement involving a wide range of organisations such as political parties, unions, cultural organisations, and significant parts of the women, environment and internationalist movements who believe in the liberation of Basque Country. As republicanism has an special understandign in Irish context, abertzale could not be translated as mere nationalism without understanding this progresist roll