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Below you find older articles from 1999 in chronological order.

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December 1, 1999

Mitchell: compromise found for implementing all party government

Direct British rule in the North of Ireland is to end from midnight after nearly 25 years. The formal devolution of power from their parliament at Westminster to the Belfast Assembly, the Executive and the new institutions set out under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement will be completed after Queen Elizabeth signs the devolution order. read more >>

Review of Good Friday Agreement successfully concluded

November 18, 1999

Senator George Mitchell speakes in Belfast about the break through.

I indicated in my last statement on November 15 that I expected to be in a position to issue a concluding report on the Review soon after the publication of the assessment on the Independent International Commission on Decommissioning (IICD) and of the parties' positions on the issues which we have been considering together in the review. Those steps have now been taken. read more >>

Hit-list Rice was refused NIO help

November 9, 1999 | Steven McCaffery (Irish News, Belfast)

A LEADING member of a nationalist residents group has been told he is on a loyalist hit list - four days after the NIO refused to offer him protection. read more >>

Forget the weapons and learn to trust Sinn Féin

October 31, 1999 | Sunday Times

Michael Oatley, a former MI6 officer who held secret talks with the IRA, says decommissioning doesn't matter: Sinn Féin is serious about peace read more >>

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