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The Omagh bombing

The bomb attack of the Real IRA in Omagh killed 29 and wounded more than 300 people. The bomb exploded in the small town of Omagh in the North of Ireland in August 1998, only months after the signing of the Good Friday Agreement, an important step of the peace process. Responsible for the bombing was the Real IRA, an Irish Republican splinter group, opposed to the peace process.

The Real IRA had given a warning, but the police evacuated civilians into the wrong direction into the bombing zone. Information now available shows, that the police "Special Branch" and British secret service agencies had beforehand knowledge of the bombing and even monitored the bombers on the day of the attack. Details can be found below:

>>>> 14.09.2008 BBC Panorama: Omagh bomb calls were monitored

Scandal about RUC handling of Omagh bombing: in addition to the Ombudsman's report on ignoring warnings previous to the bombing an internal police investigation showed that hundreds of investigation files has been fabricated by the RUC:
Nuala O'Loan is Ombudsman and responsible for dealing with complaints against the police. The creation of an Ombudsman's office was agreed in the Good Friday Agreement. In autumn 2001 she released a report on the actions of the police in connection with the Omagh bomb of the dissident republican splinter group "Real IRA". The report contains severe accusations against the Chief Constable and the special police unit "Special Branch". The Special Branch has ignored warnings about the bomb coming from their own agents. In the aftermath of the bombing witness reports vanished and investigating policemen where actively stopped by the Special Branch. Incredible enough unionist politicans and British officials of the NIO (Northern Ireland Office) slammed the Ombudsman, tried to undermine her credability and backed the Chief Constable Ronny Flanagan. Without success. Flanaghan resigns from office end of March 2002.

>>>> 19.01.2002 The Guardian: "Police fabricated 375 files of Omagh investigation"
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